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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Favorite Recalled

Not only has my preceding post, relating as it does to the hoi polloi, mass medium of television, attracted no comments, it sank my page-views right into the toilet. It’s not surprising. A great many of my readers have mentioned on occasion that they do not watch television.

Rather than put them down as snobs, I chalk it up to their high level of intellectualism—and I allow myself to feel complimented by the fact that a number of people of their intellect are willing to stop by this humble page from time to time.

I wrote the post for BlogCritics, and should probably have just left it at that. But what the hell? I must have a few TV-watching readers out there somewhere.

Speaking of BlogCritics, I’m thrilled that editor Eric Olsen, one of the Cool Dudes of the blogosphere, has re-invited me to be a contributor. As with my blog, I had let my contributions to Eric’s Excellent Enterprise fall by the wayside.

I originally discovered Eric before he launched BlogCritics. He was then putting out TresProducers, a very hip compendium of pop music news and reviews.

And how did I discover TresProducers? Like countless other things in this medium—through the great Doctor Searls. Doc says he dislikes awards, but, at the very least, you gotta give him one for “Best Goddam Resource in the Known Blogosphere.”

Doc’s pointer to Eric inspired a post from me—and if I were asked to choose my favorite piece from my own archives, this would be it. Eric graciously wrote back and ultimately asked me to join BlogCritics when he got that going a short time later.

So, sorry non-TV watchers. You may have to put up with these TV posts from time to time.


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