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Friday, February 18, 2005

Re-Entry Cont’d

Now that I've declared my re-entry into the blog world, I'm actually going to have to sit down and create some posts from time to time. That's the catch.

One of the things that got me away from blogging was that I grew tired of always having my consciousness wrapped around the question of what I was going to come up with for the next post. It became a job. As many bloggers have vowed, if it ever gets to that point, they'll quit or severely scale back.

So I have to come up with a new way to be a blogger without being obsessed by it. All suggestions welcome. All I know is that it really didn't work to stay away. The loss of community was very painful, although it took a while for it to register.

There were competing factors that obscured that sense of loss--a fabulous trip to Europe and all the preparations which that entailed; and an unbearable disgust with the election season and an accompanying desire to avoid all the angst and false hopes that would most likely be whipped around the blogosphere with predictable ferocity.

The new angst du jour is what can the Democrats do to become a winning party again. I'll just let that one pass. The question irritates me no end but I won't let it keep me out of this space. The Dems will be back when a critical mass of the electorate decides they've been had. It may take a generation. Meantime, quit trying to be fake crackers and belated finders of religion. Ain't gonna work.

Anyway, it was really gratifying to see all the visitors who stopped by since my re-entry post. Of course, it didn't hurt to have plugs from such luminaries as Mark Woods and Jeneane Sessum.

Well, I've got a hell of lot of catching up to do on all those great blogs out there. I wonder if anyone else has given up the ghost? Shelley’s down temporarily, but she always comes back. I’ve been de-listed from some of my favorites—quite understandable. No hard feelings. I accept that and know that I have to earn my way back. If anyone chooses to reinstate me I’ll be thrilled, of course.

I see that one of my de-listers is Maria Benet, author of the wonderful Alembic, and just a bridge trip across SF Bay from me. A quick check of her blog informs that she finally got her book out, and, praise be, a book party has been arranged to launch it. As soon as I sign off here, I’m jumping on the email to see if I can wrangle an invite. I think you can get her book through her site. Check it out.

A final note---look for me to finally get with it and start putting up some photos in this boring-looking space. In my absence, Blogger has come up with some nice looking templates. If I can figure out how to switch without losing customized code, maybe this dinosaur format will get a new look.


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