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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Minimum Conversational Requirement

Frank Paynter, responding to my comment, writes the following:

"Dennis... he's hanging in there with good intentions. Too bad Dean and Clark turned out to be quitters. We need the rich conversation of a multi-candidate selection on the left."

Frank makes a good point. I agree that it's good that Dennis is still in there--and don't forget the good Reverend--there's your multi-candidate conversation right there--and they're a hell of a lot better at it than Dean or Clark. Two's enough.

I quite disagree with Frank about Dean and Clark. Do we really need them around anymore?

They failed as candidates, period. Many point the finger at the media, but imho, that's a copout. These two simply didn't have what it takes to play on the national stage and demonstrate confidence-inspiring ability for mounting viable opposition to the considerable force of Rove/Bush.

Dennis and Al, however, are out there as gadflies, and, indeed, great gadflies they are. They are doing a terrific job of providing needed contrarian perspectives.

Dean and Clark, on the other hand, were only providing embarrassment the longer they went on (which is not to deny, btw, that Dean's contribution--before the primaries actually got underway--was gigantic).


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