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Monday, February 23, 2004

To Sex With Love

I’m probably the umpteen-millionth blogger to bid his or her farewell to Sex and The City. In case you’ve been sequestered in a spider-hole lately, and just emerged, I’ll inform you that last night was the long-dreaded finale of this spectacular comedy series.

As it turned out, there was nothing to dread. The show was beautifully done and ended on just the right notes: love, commitment, optimism. Isn’t it interesting that this series, whose female leads scandalized many upright citizens with their risqué, male-sounding, locker-room conversations about sex, gradually transmuted from multiple-partner sexcapades to love, family, and commitment? Of course, the holier-than-thou folks will likely have missed out on that.

It was all accomplished without a whiff of sentimentality or the slightest loss of its comedic edge. Huzzahs to the writers and cast. They enriched our Sunday nights for six memorable years.

If you don’t have HBO, I gotta tell ya, it’s totally worth the extra fifteen or sixteen bucks on your cable bill. That’s a bit under four bucks per Sunday--for drama and comedy that surpasses most anything you’re likely to catch at the theatre for a helluva lot more money.

Go on—get a hookup. There will be plenty of reruns.


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