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Friday, January 16, 2004

January Ramble

Time to get back into the blogging mindset—provided I can manage to jerk myself out of the blahs. Mid-January typically finds me functioning in a somewhat somnambulant state. In addition, I’ve yet to master the art of combining blogging with other pressing projects—of which several are staring me in the face.

Normally, I wait for some sort of inspiration to hit me. When there is none, like now, there comes a point when the only remedy is simply to put myself at the keyboard and start rambling until, hopefully, my blogging mojo eventually emerges from the scraps.

The tube is on in the background, and I hear a reporter who’s covering John Edwards say that Edwards’ theme song when he makes his stage entrances is John Mellencamp’s “Small Town.” Excellent choice. One more reason to like Edwards. This is a song that will definitely get you off your ass.

I take the cue and whip out my Mellencamp CD. A surge of energy—a stranger these January days--courses through the body, and here I am, fingers at the ready.

Speaking of John Edwards, I think he’s proven to be a terrific candidate. Assuming he won’t get the nomination, however, I hope to hell he’s offered and will accept the number two spot on the ticket.

I have only one yardstick for my choice to win the nomination—whoever can beat Bush. That’s it. I don't care what their policies are. Just get out there and do a good job of educating the American people about what a dangerous gang is running our country. Scare the hell out of them about giving these bastards another four years.

It’s looking to me like there are only three who stand a remote chance of accomplishing this: Dean, Clark, and Edwards. Dean scares me somewhat because, while he’s done a good job of arousing passion, his appeal may be limited to the 30% or so of the electorate like me who are rabidly anti-Bush. 45% are solid for Bush. That leaves 25% who could be persuaded one way or the other—and Clark or Edwards may be able to do a better job with this group.

In any case, I hope that two of these three guys end up on the ticket for the general election. If I were an Iowan right now, I frankly don’t know which one I’d cast my vote for. Those folks have a tough and important job ahead of them.


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