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Monday, February 16, 2004

The Curse Lives!

Condolences to Halley and all Red Sox fans everywhere. The curse of the Bambino continues to haunt. I'm referring to the the shocking and sudden news that the hated Yankees have managed to acquire Alex Rodriguez. The Red Sox could have had him, but blew it. This must hurt like hell, but I guess the Bostonians are used to it.

The lack of a salary cap is ruining the once-great game of baseball. It's outrageous that the fat-cat Yankees can just go out and, at will, buy up the best talent in baseball. Who would have thought that we'd see A-Rod and Jeter both in pinstripes? And they've picked up Gary Sheffield to boot. That means that eight of their nine starters are now current or former All Stars. This is absurd.

The only hope is that the Yankees' pitching collapses, and that that travesty-of-a-Commissioner Bud Selig returns to selling cars where he belongs.


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