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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

No Equal

When George W strode to the lectern to make his announcement in support of banning same-sex marriage through a constitutional amendment, he did so in that revolting, fuck-you swagger of his. I turned away from the tube and observed to my wife:

“You know, honey, I can’t think of any American politician who’s ever filled me with the kind of revulsion I feel for this joker.”

There have been plenty of politicians of both parties to dislike over the span of my adult life, but none of them has come close to the total disgust I feel for this man.

“Not even Nixon or LBJ?” Jill asked.

No, actually not. These reviled prosecutors of the Vietnam War were outsize actors on the scene—Shakespearian types, if you will—fatally flawed—carrying around the heavy baggage of personal demons. Much as you hated what they were doing, you had to grudgingly respect their considerable intelligence—the quality that made them all the more tragic.

Georgie has none of this going for him—no redeeming qualities whatever except for having a nice wife on whom—unlike his predecessor—he doesn’t fuck around. Sorry, that’s not enough.

There are hopeful signs that the revulsion I feel is shared by increasing numbers of voters. Maybe the gay Republicans that Bush is losing will compensate for what that idiot Ralph Nader is going to drain away.

Unfortunately, with W’s $150 million war chest about to be unleashed, he’s going to have John Kerry looking like Leon Trotsky before it’s all over. Pray for a miracle.


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