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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Kerry Karma

I forgot to report on a Kerry fundraiser I recently attended. I’m still somewhat in a state of shock at the amount that Jill and I became emboldened to fork over (several C-notes).

Oh well, what the hell? I’ve been bitching and moaning about Bush being the most dangerous president of all time. Time to put my money where my mouth is. My tax bill came up a few thousand short of what I was anticipating. So why not take a chunk of my proceeds from the disastrous tax cut and throw it back in the face of these weasels?

In the spirit of the Laws of Karma, Jill’s name was picked out of the hat for the Grand Prize in the drawing that concluded the affair. We’re getting a free dinner at one of San Francisco’s hottest new restaurants—Town Hall. The critics have been raving about it. Wow! Never won anything before. Hope it’s a harbinger for the election.

The host of this affair has given fundraisers for many years. He has an exquisite home up the hill from us and likes to use it for good purposes. He said that the take from this year’s event was more than DOUBLE his highest take ever.

An encouraging sign—especially given the fact that, this being Berkeley, there was a large sprinkling of Nader-leaning Kerry skeptics circling about.

So, despite their whining and smart-ass, more-politically-correct-than-thou attitude, they were curious enough and concerned enough to come listen to the Kerry surrogate. That wouldn’t have happened four years ago. They wouldn’t have been caught dead at a Gore fund-raiser.

And their presence most certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm nor inhibit the deep reach into the pockets of many folks like myself.

May our humble neighborhood event be a microcosm of broader trends everywhere!


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