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Thursday, May 12, 2005

In 'n Out

I'm back from Chicago. The conference was absolutely great. More about that tomorrow.

It was nice of AKMA to offer to keep his eyes open for me, but it wouldn't have done much good. I was in and out of Evanston in a flash--just long enough for a coffee (Peet's) and dinner (Wolfgang Puck's).

Next time I'm there, it would be great if I could arrange my schedule to include attendance at one of AKMA's sermons.

Having married into a Jewish family, and enthusiastically supported my kids being raised in that tradition, your humble blogger has not been inside a church in years--except for weddings and funerals. However, I would gladly make an exception for the opportunity to hear the good Reverend do his stuff. Ditto Jordon Cooper, by the way.

How much better would the world be if the preponderance of clergy of all faiths possessed the openess of mind and heart of these two worthies?


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