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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anniversary Cornucopia

Back in August of last year, I started a feature called "Anniversary Archives," wherein I re-published posts from earlier years that originally appeared on that date. It was an interesting exercise, but I only got three of them up before I went on vacation.

Then I pulled one of my disappearing acts, publishing only a bare handful of posts in the ensuing months. The Anniversary Archives idea was completely forgotten.

But now that I'm trying to make another return, I'd like to resurrect the feature. I was scouring around through old stuff, and somehow--I have no idea how--I landed on this page from Jeneane's archives.

It has no relevance to today's date, but I find it to be a gem. So I've decided to use it as my first piece in the re-opening of my Anniversary Archives feature. While not related to today's date, it's about a whole host of blog anniversaries--a compilation of opening posts from a number of exemplary blogs. Very much worth republishing, imho.

Many thanks to Jeneane for these great links.Read and enjoy!

This is by no means a complete list of my classmates/inspirations/co-conspirators, and yet, when I started snooping around, I did find enough "first posts" to warrant a celebratory yeeehaw! We've come a long way, baby....

Fishrush's Hello World: September 25, 1952 (ROTFL)

xian's Breathing Room: October 30, 1997

Lisa Williams' Cadence 90: May 31, 2000

Chris Locke's All Noise: August 5, 2000

Marek J's Soapbox: August 5, 2000

Brooke's Rivervision: November 7, 2000

Dean Landsman's DeanLand: December 17, 2000

Deb Gussman's Distracted: February 27, 2001

Michael O'Connor Clarke: March 1, 2001

Shelley Powers' BurningBird: [[April 5, 2001, after lurking for a year. Shelley's first post was on a Userland Manila site and has since disappeared. Conspiracy? TAHDW? You be the judge. Shelley has special dispensation because she is my idol. She's the only first post I'll include without a link.]]

Marc's Nexistepas: October 8, 2001

Gonzo Engaged: October 14, 2001

George Sessum's Musick: October 23, 2001

Jeneane Sessum's Allied: November 4, 2001

Gaspar Torriero: November 7, 2001

Kevin Marks Epeus' epigone: November 7, 2001

Gary Turner's* MLOD: November 14, 2001 (Gary Turner's "Inturnernet News" blog dates back to 1999.)

David Weinberger's JOHO: November 15, 2001*. (*JOHO was started in 1999, and after a two-year hiatus, re-emerged.)

Denise Howell's Bag n Baggage: November 28, 2001

Elaine's Kalilily: November 29, 2001

Jennifer Balderama's Nonsense Verse: December 7, 2001

Frank Paynter's Sandhill Trek: January 5, 2002

Halley's Commentsans: January 10, 2002

Mike Golby: Jan 11, 2002

AKMA: January 23, 2002

Tom Shugart's Insiteview: Feburary 21, 2002

Doug's The Dynamic Drivel: March 28, 2002

Jonathon Mays' Stretching Thought: April 16, 2002

Liz Lawley's Mamamusings October 22, 2002 (happy first birthday, Liz!)


  • Nah, all of the old Userland weblogs were disappeared a long time ago. And some I didn't bother recovering as I moved from blogging tool to blogging tool.

    But I started in 1951, so *pbhhbbt*! to the Fish Man!


    By Blogger Shelley, at 1:58 PM  

  • thanks for the link, Tom - but the URL you used is for the Blogger incarnation of enthusiasm. My first post is still to be found at

    (it's post number 22 because I'd made 21 posts in the WordPress version of the blog before I imported the older posts)

    rgds, marc

    By Anonymous pilgrim, at 10:43 AM  

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