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Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm rushing off to the Midwest for a niece's graduation and don't have the time to report as fully as would have liked on the blogger meetup with David Weinberger--but, fortunately, you can read his own account of the affair.

An added plus was getting to meet one of my all-time favorite bloggers--Dervala Hanley. It's hard to believe she's actually ended up right here in our area after all the changes she's been through and all the miles she's logged since she began her wonderful blog. Thanks so much, Dervala for sharing your adventures with us--and doing so with all the grace, wit, insight, and poetry that is your unique voice.

It was a stimulating evening, and per my hopes and intentions, it helped re-ignite my interest in getting back to some blogging.

See you after I get back from Illinois.


  • I just discovered that you're back. A hearty thank you to Frank Paynter for the quarterly kick in the pants and to Jeneane Sessum for her followup.

    And welcome back. You have been missed.

    By Anonymous Ronni Bennett, at 2:11 AM  

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