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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Years of Insiteview -- Selected Posts From the Archives

In celebration of this blog's tenth anniversary, I will occasionally be re-publishing some of the posts that appeared here in 2002.  Here's the next one:

March 3. 2002
Magical Evening 

Jill and I resolved to have more fun in 2002. Last night, we contributed a notch to fulfilling that pledge. Got together with a favorite couple, Neil and Jane Levy. We decided to act like tourists and go see a San Francisco tourist fave--"Beach Blanket Babylon." It's been playing to sold-out audiences without stop since 1974. A real show-biz phenom, but you know how it goes. When you live somewhere, you tend to neglect the must-see tourist attractions.Both we and the Levys have been here for three decades and have never bothered to go see this local treasure. 

A wonderfully balmy evening--a rare SF occurence. We precede the show with a stroll down the always vibrant Columbus Ave. Bubbly people spilling out onto the sidewalks from the Italian eateries. We go by the still-kicking Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights bookstore and are heartened to see four gigantic banners hanging from the third floor rooftop. Each poster shows a face with a large American flag covering the mouth. The posters say, in sequence: Dissent / Is Not / Un / American. Way to go Larry. May you live forever. 

We pop into one of the many Italian joints for a pre-show dinner. Over pasta and Chianti Classico, I reflect on what a natural Neil would be for blogging. A semi-retired law professor who loves to write and does so with wit and the soul of a poet. I won't bug him about it now because he's leaving in a few days for the South Pacific to write his next travel book. But after he's returned and gets the book off to the publisher, I'm hoping I can get him to join me in the fraternity of bloggers. I'm not putting any money on it. Most of my friends, even the ones who love to write, seem to have strong resistance to taking it on.


  • Interesting to skim through some of your early blogging and read the names of early bloggers -- some of whom I recognize and blog with now.

    Can appreciate the attraction of other ways to spend time, but having started blogging a mere six years ago I sputter along.

    I suspect more current writings from you would appeal to more readers in which you could intersperse your older pieces -- or not!;-)

    By Blogger joared, at 11:21 PM  

  • joared -- thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words. You have a very thoughtful, intelligent, and well-written blog. My hat's off to you!

    By Blogger Tom Shugart, at 12:38 PM  

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