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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Jumping Into the Tank

The irrepressible Elaine of Kalilily clues me in with her post today about a new team blog--Blogtank:

"So what am I doing in the middle of this? At the moment, I take my place in the rocking chair, over there by the window, where I can play the little old lady who sits and knits and listens. And then, when everyone else feels overwhelmed by all of the incredibly amazing ideas and concepts and solutions being shared, I stand up, click my knitting needles for attention, and organize the creative cacaphony into clear, precise, and implementable strategies. Then I rip off my cozy shawl to reveal a short, spangley party ensemble, I put on my dancing shoes, and we all go out and party. Bloglife. Ya' gotta love it.

Stay tuned for the further real life adventures of the Blogtankers: Our Force is With You."

I'm not staying tuned, Elaine. I'm joining, if Gary Turner will have me. I'm sending my application as soon as I complete this post.


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