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Monday, April 22, 2002

Rogers Returns

Thanks to Dave Rogers for the link to David Weinberger's, "The Hyperlinked Metaphysics of the Web." It turns out , of course, that Dr. W has already elegantly expressed what I was somewhat awkwardly trying to get across in my post, "The Value of Emptiness."

I'll quote the same Weinberger passage that Rogers does:

"You know that hollow sense you have when you've just had a great success at work? The empty feeling as someone praises you for an accomplishment? The tremendous sadness that can invade even as you're wrapped in love for your family? You know that disturbing feeling so profound that we have to use German to name it: Angst? This is the sense that, for all that's good and even magnificent in one's life, there's something more.
The something more is what I will call the "spiritual." We experience it as a longing, a yearning, and horizon of the world that is.
This something more is the basic movement of spirituality."

Welcome back, Dave! After an absence of about a week or so, Rogers comes back to blogging with a bang. He proposes and examines a fascinating hypothesis--the metaphorical connection between dreams and the Web. Highly recommended.


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