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Sunday, June 09, 2002

Expanding My Consciousness

Once again, Doc Searls leads me into hidden gems of the blogosphere--this time the quiet, illuminating work of rock music critic, Wayne Robins, whose blog, Wayne's Words, is a true delight. I spent a little time combing through Wayne's archives and garnered an instant expansion of my musical universe.

He's pointed me to some stuff that has passed me by like ships in the night (a too common occurrence these days--thank god for guys like Wayne). One that I'm inspired to check out is "Out in California" by Dave Alvin and The Guilty Men.
Here's an example of Wayne's well-crafted words:

“Out in California” shows Alvin’s genius for consolidating the isolated fiefdoms of Southern California into a potent, united musical nation. In his generously gifted fingers and croaky voice, he brings together Santa Monica surf, Bakersfield hillbilly, San Gabriel Valley roadhouse, San Fernando Valley pop, Venice boho-stomp, West Hollywood alternative rock, Orange County post-punk, Watts’ postwar blues, East L.A. garage rock. He creates a unified geographical area linking Sunset Blvd to Whittier Blvd. to Central Avenue to Highway 10, a realm that would be a wet dream if it could be reached as fluently by the circulation department of the Los Angeles Times, forever desperate to figure out how to get those entities under the roof of one newspaper."

Wayne has no blogroll with which to reciprocate, but, no matter--he's going on mine anyway, and I hope on many others as well.


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