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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Post-Script To a Put-Down

This is a post that’s a pure pleasure to write. It’s a follow-up to my post of two days ago, “Accepting the Risk.” Little could I imagine when I received the put-down comment—which I described in that post--that things would take the turn that they have.

My accuser, Mary, had a change of heart and posted an apology. (I don’t know Mary’s last name. She hasn’t told me yet). As you can imagine, I was extremely touched. Mary also apologized for “the intrusion” I responded to her that if you’re publishing a public blog, there’s no such thing as an intrusion. And this inspired the thoughts that formed the basis of my post on Tuesday.

Mary’s apology would have been enough, but then she sent me an email expanding upon her original mea culpa and concluding with an expression of interest in blogging--asking how she might get started!

Is that cool, or what? I was only too happy to dispense some advice (e.g., Rebecca Blood; BlogSisters; Blogger; my blogroll).

You’re a big person, Mary, and I hope you jump into blogging with both feet and derive as much satisfaction from it as I have. I’m still knocked out by the turn things took!


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