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Monday, October 21, 2002

Lowering the Blimp

An outstanding World Series so far—just as I thought it would be. The San Francisco portion of the Series begins tomorrow, and the TV blimp will be buzzing overhead, bringing spectacular pictures of the natural setting with which we’re blessed here in the Bay Area.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Rob Morse brings the blimp a little closer to the ground as a caveat to all those who, seduced by the aerial shots showing up on their tubes, begin entertaining thoughts of running down to the nearest U-Haul agency and moving out here.

"When the Fox Network comes to Pacific Bell Park next week, it will be giving the Bay Area another needed advertisement. I don't want to say it will be misleading advertising, but perhaps it should come with a warning the way TV ads for drugs do.
"Warning: If you move to the San Francisco Bay Area, you may be subject to prolonged bouts of unemployment, high rent pressure, persistent panhandling attacks, the red-light runs, clinically depressing politics and, in some cases, sudden homelessness syndrome. San Francisco should not be taken in combination with alcohol or drugs, or you may be there forever.”


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