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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Oddball Queries

Nice write-up on Google by Steven Levy in the current Newsweek. I’ve been noticing—as I would imagine other bloggers have—a steady rise in visits from Google searches. It’s the inevitable result of our persisting at the blogging game. We keep rising higher and higher in more and more search results returned by Google.

As a consequence, some truly weird search terms are showing up from time to time on my site tracking. So I thought it might be entertaining to publish occasional lists of “Oddball Queries” from bloggers’ site trackings.

Send me yours or publish them in your own blogs, and I’ll reprint them here as a new and regular feature. No fair making up clever ones on your own. Just those that actually showed up in your site tracking.

OK, here are a few of my own more recent Oddball Queries:

Melted wellies

cowboy ten lashes

karl rove favorite poems

shoe fetishist mom

berra porn public –Yogi

I must say, it’s a bit disconcerting to see one’s blog showing up on the results for some of these kinds of searches, but I guess that’s the price of fame. So how about you? Got some of your own wierdies to share with us?


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