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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

More Reasons To Love the Web


As an excellent example of things to love about the Web (reason #5329, he calls it), Dave Rogers of Connect and Empower cites Denise Howell’s post on how she was able to keep abreast with what was happening on the recent Eldred decision even though she was totally swamped with work at the time.

This one is nicely articulated by Chris Pirillo:

“you're always one link away from changing the course of your day. Somewhere in this hyperworld there sits an individual who speaks to you through his or her words. Are you listening?”

Awesome sites like FishBase--a mind-boggling database of all the 27,000 species of fish in the known world, complete with photos and all pertinent data.

This site was put together by Dr. Daniel Pauly and his team at the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia. Their purpose is to promote a global perspective and macro-awareness of the extreme danger facing most of the denizens of the seas—including the ones that we rely on for food.

Thanks to the New York Times for an informative article about Dr. Pauly’s work and the frightening consequences of ignoring this threat (just in case you needed something additional to be freaked about).


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