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Saturday, January 04, 2003

What They Really Want

Thanks to AKMA for the link to the “Faster Horses” piece in the archives of Chris Locke’s EGR newsletter. I’m a subscriber, but this piece must have appeared before my subscription began.

As a former salesman and marketing consultant who’s spent countless soul-trying hours sitting around forbidding conference tables trying desperately to pull something out of my ass, and struggling to hold my tongue from saying something acidic to the assembled fellow-pretenders pretending not to be pretenders, Locke’s piece strikes a ringing chord.

My favorite line: “Heads nod knowingly around the table. Finally I am in my element: total bullshit.”

During beer-infused, saloon de-briefings following these dreaded presentations, we searched but could only dream of coming up with the kind of descriptive, brilliant accounts that Locke pulls off here. It’s a hilarious reminder of why we keep reading the Raging One, warts and all.


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