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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Feline Clarification

Back home from a wonderful holiday trip. Many people think I’m nuts, but I actually enjoy the winter weather back in the old home country. We were treated to a beautiful two-inch blanket of snow on Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa. Unlike some expatriate Midwesterners, I didn’t come out to California to get away from the cold. I re-settled in order to be In-the-Scene, which in the Sixties, was definitely where it was at.

Due to my travels, I missed the chance to respond to Dorothea’s comments before now. She questions my powers of observation with respect to her esteemed goth-kitties. She complains that Didi hid behind the couch and that Dream was overly talkative. OK, I’ll give her the first one. I wasn’t even aware that Didi was cowering out of sight. I found Dream’s excessive talking thoroughly engaging. I stand by that part of my description.

In the same post, Dorothea seems to suggest that I was too generous in my impressions of her real-world qualities. Sorry, Dorothea. You’re entitled to your modesty, but I’m standing by this description as well.


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