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Monday, December 16, 2002

Up Against the Myth

Elaine has been trashed and dumped by the major mythic figure of Blogaria. Elaine is as tough as they come in sticking up for herself. She doesn't need me on this one. But I'm going on record anyway to say that I'm in your camp, girl.

She'll get plenty of female support, of course. As for me, I'm extremely proud to be joined by one the stoutest of male hearts in the blogging world--Mike Golby, who weighs in with his usual eloquence.

Along with everyone else, I've had my share of laughs at the colorful rage and venom of MythBoy, but at what point does it start to become nothing more than--well, just rage and venom--and an assault to the spirit? As always, Golby defines this tipping point far better than I could. I'll leave it to him.

I'm too old to waste my time on things that don't expand my spirit. Spiteful trash talk doesn't qualify, no matter how cleverly written. Happily, there are lots of bloggers who give me plenty of spirit-expanding. Two of the most notable examples would be Golby and Elaine.


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