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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Acrimony Redux

I first heard the story of the T-shirt fiasco at an Albany, NY shopping mall from a post in Elaine’s blog. She lives nearby. Seems that a guy was busted for refusing to honor the request of the mall’s security guards to remove a T-shirt which read “Give Peace a Chance.” The guy happened to be a lawyer, so they fucked with the wrong guy. The mall has now dropped the charges.

This nearly unbelievable incident is a sharp indicator of how much the acrimony level is rising in this country. More and more, it’s feeling like the 60’s—citizen pitted against citizen—a quasi-civil war sort of atmosphere. If you were there, you remember all too well. I, for example, had the delightful experience of being spat on. My wife had family members doing jail time for expressing their views.

If you weren’t there, hold on to your hats. It looks like you may get your chance to get educated in how ugly fellow citizens can be toward one another once an unjust war--fought in the name of “bringing peace to the world”--gets underway.

Thanks, George, for giving us this wonderful atmosphere in which the bad shit can roll all over again.


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