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Monday, March 03, 2003

Blogging For Proactivity

I’ve really been enjoying Mike Sanders’ series of posts on “The Habits of Effective Blogging.” This is the Mike Sanders to whom I was originally drawn.

Mike‘s series spins off of the Stephen Covey classic, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” He makes the following point:

”A life by design is better than a life by default.

Thinking about life is proactive, and is at the heart of the Seven Habits. Why is thinking and talking and blogging any different? Blogging for fun, like living for fun, misses out on greater opportunities. Try to come up with one primary reason for why you blog. It may be difficult. It may be uncomfortable. But, it may be worthwhile.”

OK, Mike, I’ll give it a whirl. Perhaps the primary reason that I blog is to know myself better--to put a spot of definition on this hunk of flesh sitting here in front of the keyboard.

Another reason is to practice the proactivity that you and Covey promote—to shake myself out of my default tendency to be private and withdrawn. Confronting my resistances to this proactivity enhances my experience of living. That’s more than sufficient excuse for blogging right there.

Obviously, I’m giving myself a pep talk here, but why not? My blogging’s been flat lately. Time to kick it back into gear. Thanks, Mike for your motivational words!


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