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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Offspring Exposed

A check of Technorati informs me that one of my son’s college buddies has put me on his blogroll. That would be one Ed Lo, author of Leftover Chinese, a nicely designed, entertaining blog chronicling the adventures of a recent grad as he navigates his post-college entry into adult life in the big city.

I’m always flattered when a talented twenty-something blogger puts me on his or her blogroll. And Ed, I’m pleased to return the favor, even if you are a Brewers and a Packers fan. If my son could put those negatives aside, so can I.

Ed has a nice photo gallery that includes my sons—taken mostly in settings involving alcohol. Lord knows where they learned to entertain themselves in such a fashion.

Anyway, if you want to catch a glimpse of both of my handsome offspring, Ed has links to some pics taken during the celebration of son Jonathan’s recent graduation from the University of Wisconsin. Jill and I had pooped out of this party well before it got steamy, but yours truly did manage to get a few more down the hatch than I normally do.

I had a breakfast date with Frank Paynter at 7:00 the following morning, and if you want to see your humble writer in morning-after pallor, Frank affords you the privilege with this photo.

Here’s one of the proud graduate (Jonathan—the one in glasses) holding forth during a post-ceremony, intellectual round-table discussion. His older brother, Aaron, can be seen directly across the table, in paternal emulation with reassuringly firm grasp on beer glass.

Another photo shows Aaron a few hours later, by now three sheets to the wind, in conspiratorial mode with his cousin—my drop-dead gorgeous niece, Kelly (sorry, guys, she has a fiancé, so don’t bug me for the email address)—plotting the corruption of my under-age nephew and niece on the right side of the photo.