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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Belated Sympathies

My latest bout of blog-avoidance has caused me to be unaware of some difficult passages being endured by two of my favorite bloggers. That would be Elaine of Kalilily and Jordon Cooper.

Coop’s been ill and, according to his wife, Wendy, suffering a lot of discomfort. Elaine is struggling with moving both herself and her declining, 89 year-old mother, to a new home.

These are two extra-strong individuals and their considerable inner wherewithal will, I’m sure, get them through this. But they are both in pain, nonetheless.

I’ve sent my belated sympathies. If you admire Elaine and Jordon as much as I do, and have forgotten to get in touch with them—or, like me—were previously unaware, please let them know that you care.


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