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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Catching Up

After my recent long absence from the blogosphere, I've been starting to re-visit some old favorites--one of which is Syaffolee.

Sya ( a pseudonym) is both a budding scientist and a blogger who fits the parameters about real bloggers being writers (as expressed by Frank Paynter and expanded upon by Ronni Bennett).

She's one of those rare right brain-left brain combos, a trait that always amazes me. (Shelley Powers and Maria Benet are two other examples who spring to mind). (btw, where are you, Maria? Is it hypocritical to ask given all my own disappearances)?

I'm glad that, despite the rigors and abuses of graduate school, Sya has managed to keep on blogging, and hasn't lost that wonderful, understated, sardonic humor that so often floats through her posts. Actually, come to think of it, it's probably what keeps her going.

Take, for instance, yesterday's post in which she remarks on the strictures about something as impractical as writing in the culture of her family of origin: "And writing! Even science has more cachet than writing. When I told my Mom that I sold two short stories, her response was, 'Don't abandon your studies.' "


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