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Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Around and About
  • As I struggle to get hip to the new Social Web phenomenon, today's column in the NYTimes by Michelle Slatalla, one my favorite voices of irony, strikes a special chord--and a few funny bones to boot.
  • The good stuff never stops pouring out of Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By. Today, she points us to a delightful road trip blog from her old friend, Kent McKamy.
As I commented to Ronni, being introduced to kentsusdrive is personally serendipitous because tomorrow, in my Anniversary Archives, I will be re-publishing the first of a five-part account of my own cross-country jaunt with my son back in '03.


  • Thank for shoutout, Tom, and I'm glad you like Kent's roadtrip diary. Now I'm eager to read yours...

    By Anonymous Ronni Bennett, at 2:53 AM  

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