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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Halley's Fabric

Halley Suitt blogs about blogs in Halley's Comment. Halley thinks bloggers are stitching together a new literary form and makes these observations in her outstanding blog:

" Blogs are like quilting bees. We couldn't make this large quilt without everyone else's stiches. Each link connects another story or thought or insight. Blogs embroider voices, graphics, songs, deep thoughts into their fabric. No literary form invented before now comes close to what they do. Blogs are unique. Technology has shaped a new way to communicate. Blogs aren't about the blog you are reading, but rather about the connections between all the links, referrers, blogrolls and embedded intelligence they witness. "

She concludes with this stirring thought:

"The Web is the mid-wife of blogs. But blogs are born of our care and consideration for others, which we have finally realized is a life or death proposition. "

Halley has lots of good links in this post. Check it out.


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