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Monday, May 20, 2002


I'm touched by my inclusion in Jeneane's collection of bloggers who populate an idyllic community--a utopian vision that she spins in a beautiful post, "Sweet World:"

". . . . And we’ll set up house in a huge compound on the edge of the woods, near the pond thick with life, where you can watch the fish jumping for flies at night. Once we clean out the cobwebs, and set up an expanse of space for families and friends, others will come.

There will be no walls, your space is your own, and invisible, flexible boundaries are disarmed by creativity and a knowing so big it overcomes every problem, worry, heartache; there is no such thing as loss in this place. . . . . "

As luscious as this fantasy is, I find it almost uncomfortably poignant.. Elaine says it made her cry. I'm not surprised. Although I'm so enriched by this community, it is, after all, a virtual one. Yes, it's a start. Yes. it's a blessing. And, yes, it ain't the same as the real thing.

Jeneane touches a longing that seems to exist for all of us, whether we're feeling alone and rejected like Rageboy at the moment, or whether, like myself, we're enjoying the full gifts of family life.


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