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Friday, May 10, 2002


Son Jonathan leaves Prague today after completing his semester abroad there. Taking the overnight train to Paris with his girlfriend. Paris in the springtime in the full flush of romance. Can you beat that? Quite different from my first time there, which was in Army khakis, freezing cold, boorish and unbalanced from too much Beaujolais, failing to even get near first base with the thoroughly unimpressed jeunnes filles Parisiennes.

Jon's on his own nickel from here on out, hoping to make it until mid-July. He's a thrifty lad and managed to put away the scratch for this two-month trek from his meager earnings while assisting on a research project at Madison.

Helping the cause will be the serendipitous fact that his grandmother (my esteemed mother-in-law, Virginia Selin, former Democratic Party functionary and delegate to the infamous Chicago Convention of 1968) is in Paris at the moment with current beau, Ron Freedman, University of Michigan Prof. Emeritus and all-around good guy. Presumably, Ron and Grandma will treat the kids to some of that good chow that rumor has it can be found there.

More importantly, Grandma can fill us in on the girlfriend. We eagerly await the report.

There's a wonderful Passover song, "Dayenu." Loosely translated, "it would have been enough." More loosely, "thank you, God, for overdoing it." We're saying a few "dayenus" in honor of Jon's good fortune. And ours.


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