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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Les Femmes Fatales

I did not get into blogging to bitch about current events. There are plenty of blogs that do a great job of it. But sometimes things crop up that are simply too juicy or outrageous or dumbfounding to let go by. Rather than rant about them, which I'm not very good at, I've decided to keep it simple and just hand out a "Huh?..Lemme See If I Got That Straight" Award.

The Award this week goes to Kenneth L Woodward, who writes in the current issue of Newsweek's special coverage of the clerical mess in the Catholic Church,

"My main concern is that ordaining women would fatally feminize a religion that already appeals far more to women than to men."

And further on:

"As I see it, the last bastion of male presence in the church is the altar and the pulpit. I would hate to see the priesthood turn into an essentially female calling."

Blog Sisters should have fun with this one.

As an interesting counterpoint, the Newsweek's lead article on the subject quotes a retired church official:

The shortage of priests is not going to be solved by praying for more vocations. Women are the ones who identify and nurture vocations, and they are not doing it anymore, and they are not going to do it, and all the preaching in the world is not going to change their minds. If you don’t believe me, talk to them. I’ve interviewed them. They say, ‘A church that won’t accept my daughters isn’t going to get my son.’


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