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Sunday, May 05, 2002


I should pay more attention to the comments portions of the blogs I read. (And I should probably get around to installing the capability on mine). On a whim, I checked the comments to Mike Golby's great post (mentioned in my previous post). Therein I discovered one Bill Guest. He's a serendipitous find--in light of my remarks the other day about how blogging tends to blur the lines of age.

This guy makes a sixty-something like myself look like a piker. He's 75 and, while he makes no attempt to conceal his surfeit of years, his blog is no less cool or interesting or full of life than anything you'd be likely to find from much younger bloggers. I continue to be blown away by the joys of blogsurfing.

Check Bill out and enjoy. Believe me, you won’t be dismissing it as the prattling of some old fart.


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