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Monday, May 06, 2002


One of the most rewarding parts of blogging is when you discover a great blog--not through surfing--but through the receipt of an email from the blog's author telling you that s/he enjoys reading your blog. You have no idea how this person came into your orbit, but there s/he is. It's a wonder.

When I was thinking about getting into blogging, I corresponded with Jeneane about my hesitation toward doing it. She told me to just jump in, and said that I would find that, after I got my feet wet and began to develop my own "voice," amazing things would start happening.

She said that suddenly I would find that I was six pages or more on Google (I'm at eight already!)--and, far more importantly, I would on occasion start to hear from wonderful people that I would never have had a prayer of knowing otherwise..

Jeneane was right! It's starting to happen. Dervala Hanley is not a name I've noticed on the blogrolls that I normally visit. But she should be. She sure as hell is going to be on mine. A terrific blog. Very warm and real. I don't know her, but I'll bet you anything that her friends would tell me that she's a gracious person.

That last part--the graciousness--is interesting because she makes this observation in her email to me (referring to my post about being an older blogger): "The only way I can guess at bloggers' ages is that older bloggers often seem more generous and thoughtful." That's an acute perception and one that Dervala is able to make because of her own grace and generosity of spirit.

As for older bloggers being more generous, I think it comes from the fact we treasure life more dearly now that we don't have so much of it left. In this frame of mind, we don’t have much interest in tearing people down. It's one of the gifts of becoming older, in my experience.

Anyway, treat yourself to And thank you so much, Dervala, for letting me know that you're out there. Blogging continues to enrich my life.


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