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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

To The Mat

I'm glad to see that Jeneane feels the same way that I do about the outstanding piece yesterday by Tom Matrullo.

And speaking of Jeneane, a couple of days back, she writes about having real world conversations with three of our favorite bloggers, Locke, Halley, and Elaine. She attempts to describe the special bond that exists among those of us following this heretofore untrodden path:

"As Halley and I talked, we tried to figure out why it is that we'd go to the mat willingly for any of our blogger friends, take hits that we wouldn't take for most of our offline friends. Why so passionate over some words in a template? Why do I feel like I've known these friends all my life?

….I feel that somehow you all have lived it with me. Co-conspirators indeed. You *were* there when my dad died in 1969, even if only for the re-lived version; I was there when Halley's dad died recently, even though I live 1,000 miles away; And Chris's heart? Talk about living it.

The bonds of blogs are growing tighter in a way I certainly never imagined. The roles we have played in one another's online lives have reached critical mass, and now we are beginning to see leakage into the RealWorld. I am watching, amazed, as I find myself in the middle of this powerful web, reaching into the RealWorld, as strong lines of silk weave back to and among my blog selves."

I know that the reason I would go the mat for my blogger friends is my gratitude for what they're giving, day after day---themselves. There is no greater gift than the gift of one's self, and these fabulous people just keep on putting it out there. Hell yes, I'd fight for'em.


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