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Tuesday, May 21, 2002


Elaine examines an interesting issue for bloggers--how much to reveal in your blog about yourself and the people in your life. Like her, I try to achieve a certain balance.

One of my main purposes in blogging is to be less private and withdrawn--to get my ass out of hiding where, if unchecked, it tends to go. At the same time, I have zero interest in what Gina Giuliano perfectly terms, "emotional vomit." My feeling is that, unless you have the skills of a Locke or Golby or Janeane, it simply isn't worth reading about.

So I'll stay away from the regurgitive stuff. Who cares, anyway? Are you interested in hearing about how my mother pissed me off? I didn't think so. (Even I don't care anymore--another gift of getting some years behind you).

I do, however, want to get some of myself out there--as much as I can muster up the grit for (it's always a struggle--some days I simply don't have it in me). But it's always worth the effort. One, it's cathartic. Two, a forthright self-exposure sometimes assists and has relevance for another person. You never know when you might touch someone. That's probably the most exciting and satisfying thing I've discovered about blogging.


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