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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Reputation vs. Branding

David Weinberger gives us a great rundown on Tom Peters' talk on “self-branding.?Like Dr. W, I tend to cringe at this sort of nomenclature. But David eschews the cynical put-down route, takes a closer look, and comes up with some excellent insights. Of course, Weinberger coming up with salient insights is not exactly news.

He makes this interesting observation about Peters?talk:

I find it more useful ?given my wanting to hurl when I hear "branding" ?to think in terms of "reputation," a term that's begun to be used in place of "brand" in some corporate marketing departments. "Reputation" has three big differences from "brand": Reputations are earned, reputations are bestowed by others, and reputations can be rich and multifaceted.

Brand myself? Nah. Let me build a reputation. That's how I take Peters' talk of self branding.?


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