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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Class Warfare

Baseball is behind us. All eyes now turn to the gridiron. There’s a lot of banter swirling around the Bay Area this week in anticipation of our two NFL teams going head-to-head tomorrow. Most of it centers on the clash of image and fan-base life style rather than the merits of the teams themselves—the outlaw thuggery of the blue-collar Raiders vs. the Yuppie polish of the sophisticated 49ers. The Niner fans claim that you put your physical safety in peril if you go to a Raider game. Raider fans ridicule what they see as the brie-and-chardonnay atmosphere at Niner games.

Here’s a great trivia question: which team has an owner who’s in the Hall of Fame, and which one has an owner who’s a convicted felon? Is this a trick question? I’m not saying.


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