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Sunday, October 27, 2002


Two additions to the blogroll. First, StavrostheWonderChicken, who should have been there all along. I’ve enjoyed his blog for quite some time. It’s regrettable that it took the recent unhappy events in his life to remind me that he needed to be added to the roll.

Second is Kevin Holtsberry, author of an excellent blog who’s recently been a fellow companion on the emotional roller coaster that blogging can be. He’s written about it more compellingly than me.

Some may ask, “Why would I put a conservative Republican on my blogroll?” Simple. A good blog is a good blog. To hell with the politics as long as you’re not being strident, mean, or just plain ridiculous. And Kevin most assuredly isn’t. Besides, he shares my attitude toward blogging:

”The easy way to get hits and to make a splash is simply to surf the blogosphere and the major media and attack posts you disagree with or dislike. You flood the world with posts about the latest hot button issue like millions of other blogs. This gets old for me. Most days I don't want to talk about the same news that everyone else is talking about. . . .

I will wrestle with my own demons as I go along (sometimes they will probably spill out here--other times they will be behind the scenes). What I post here will simply be a reflection of my thoughts and ideas; notes on my interests, hopes, and life. In the end that is really all I can offer.”


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