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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Unhappy Events, Unhappy Thoughts

I do not like to write blog posts that are downers. When I blog, I do so, among other reasons, with the intent of giving my spirits a boost upward. The mere act of communicating with others—even virtually—often provides a needed lift in and of itself.

On the other hand, the blogosphere is a legitimate arena for venting rage, grief, and the whole panoply of negativity. Muckraking, for example, is a time-honored and indeed necessary activity in a free society. It’s just not my orientation for blogging.

At the top of my agenda for blogging is the attempt to make some sense of my life. What is it like to be here in this body, and to have been where it’s been? In pursuit of this inquiry, I manage at best to barely scrape the surface. I don’t have the gifts of, say, a Mike Golby. But I do manage to put my ass in front of the keyboard nearly every day with the hope of adding some positive energy to my life.

However, if you’re going to be honest about your life, there are going to be days where being positive would be a betrayal of your principles. Today is such a day, I’m afraid.

Rick Gleason, the unfortunate friend of Chris Kovacs (aka stavrosthewonderchicken) who was severely burned in the savage bombing of the Bali nightclub, has lost the battle for his life. The fact that he’s probably better off doesn’t mitigate the sadness or the anger.

So much senseless death going on! And by the looks of the political landscape, it appears that it’s only going to get worse. God, I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The incessant war-drumming out of Washington threatens to spiral into an orgy of death and destruction which will make the sniper look like small potatoes indeed.

Of course, it would greatly help matters if that Nazi-esque SOB in Baghdad would live up to his agreements and responsibilities as a member of the world community. I’m afraid, though, that that’s about as likely as George Bush becoming a dove with a responsible domestic policy.

On that downer, I’ll sign off for the day. Hope to be back at you tomorrow in a more positive vein.


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