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Friday, October 25, 2002

Unholy Trinity?

Elaine sends a thank-you note to Golby, Turner, and myself to acknowledge our supportive posts regarding b!x on the occasion of his birthday. You’re more than welcome, Elaine.!

But I think Our Splendid Lady of Blogaria may be sipping a bit too much birthday cheer when she goes so far as to include me with these two titans of the blogosphere in “an unholy trinity” of standard-setting, role-modeling, and great blogging.

These two guys may be younger than me, but when it comes to the realm of blogging, they are my mentors. God, Elaine, after tabbing me as their peer, do I have anything left to which to aspire? You are way too generous, but profuse thanks nonetheless!

And speaking of b!x, my thanks to him for the link to The Mad Dog In the Fog—a pub in San Francisco that sounds worthy of my visit one of these days. It’s hard for me to believe that I don’t know where the good watering holes are anymore. Yet another good use for blogging—keeping old farts in the loop.

And, finally, to my dismay, I discovered that b!x has not been on my blogroll. Sorry about that. He surely belongs there. It’s hardly surprising that somebody with Elaine’s genes would be a damn fine blogger. Happy Birthday, b!x, and welcome to my blogroll.


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