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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Woods and Kunitz

Readers of wood s lot are always asking, “How does Mark Woods do it?” It’s certainly a question I hear myself repeating with regular frequency. Thanks to Mark for his references to and quotations from Stanley Kunitz.

What a great poet! It’s very encouraging to a sexagenarian like me to have a model out there like Kunitz—a guy who didn’t hit his stride until his seventies and has been at the top of his game for twenty years after that!

Aside from good genes, Kunitz has had to have something else going for him. I suspect Peace and Acceptance would be right up there, as expressed in excerpts from one of his poems (“King of the River”) which Mark provides us:

”You have cried to the wind
and heard the wind’s reply:
“I did not choose the way,
the way chose me.”

I recommend reading the entire poem. Very powerful.


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