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Friday, November 08, 2002

Give Diplomacy a Chance

I know, I know. In the throes of my deep discouragement, I forswore any further writing about politics. But, hey, I didn’t move to a cave. I still get the newspapers and listen to the radio. I have to say that today’s UN vote was welcome news—a unanimous vote of the Security Council, including Syria, on demanding Saddam to disarm.

Hats off to Colin Powell for an excellent job of diplomacy. Much as I dislike Bush, I have to give him credit for letting Powell give it a whirl before going the Rumsfeld route of bomb first, talk later.

Of course, if Saddam doesn’t heed the UN mandate—a distinct possibility—we’ll be back to square one, and the Rumsfeld Way will move front and center. Even if it does end up that way, better to have given Powell his shot first. The Bushies have been forced to educate themselves about consulting other governments.


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