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Monday, November 11, 2002

Lady Di---Hope Redux?

Here I go again. Another post on politics. After declaring that I was through with the subject until the next election cycle, I guess I’ve managed to make a fool of myself. As far as making promises, though, what I promised to avoid was ranting and raving. Today, I’m writing about something totally the opposite, something that raised my spirits after being in the tank since the election.

The main reason I’ve been in the tank is not the loss of the election per se. I predicted it and was steeled for it. For me, the depressing factor has been the realization of how weak the leadership of the Democrats is, and how lacking in compelling message and vision. To make matters worse, there’s the sorry group of presidential hopefuls for 2004. What a bunch of losers!

Then along comes free-lance political journalist, Richard Rapaport, submitting a terrific op-ed piece to yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle, pointing out that there’s someone right here in our backyard who transcends that woeful lot of would-be Democratic presidents (dwarfs, he calls them).

Rapaport makes a strong case for our very own Dianne Feinstein. She’s given no inkling that she wants to run, but it would be such a lift if she threw her hat into the ring. Even if Bush can’t be beaten—which will surely be the case if the war in Iraq goes well—she would give a new hope and energy to the Democrats. And she wouldn’t have to give up her Senate seat.

Feinstein is a gifted public figure--strong, tough, smart, principled--and a centrist. They can’t paint her with the dreaded “San Francisco liberal” label. I’ve witnessed her career from the time she was a young, pretty, seemingly demure housewife who wiped the floor with the craven old San Francisco machine politicians. She took control of the Board of Supervisors, and showed the stuff she is made of. She can talk back to Bush and command respect in doing it. Dianne is the real deal. She inspires the anger of some of the left-wingers in these parts which, IMO, is all the more reason she would make a great candidate.

I’d like to see Rapaport’s piece get some good exposure. First, read the article. If you’re not very familiar with who Feinstein is and what she’s done, this will be a good intro. If you find yourself in agreement with me that this article deserves exposure, pass the word. I’d love to see it show up on the Daypop Top 40.


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