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Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Kathleen Goodwin, CEO of iMakeNews, a leading authority in e-newsletter marketing and a former VP of Ziff-Davis, provides her thoughts today in ClickZ on the potential for blogs in the marketing arena. I was one of the bloggers who urged Kathleen to flesh out her views on this subject, and she has been quick to respond.

Kathleen is taking credit for coining the term, B-Blogs, which I think is a good one. While her column today is a rather rudimentary analysis seemingly intended for the business person with little or no knowledge of blogging, she contributes to a conversation that needs advancing.

Cluetrainers will heartily approve of this assertion by Kathleen:

”Companies can (and should) encourage self-publishing from all corners of the organization. Employees who want to post information should no longer have to go through the corporate site's marketing gatekeepers to post”

However, she does not address the problem of convincing businesses to relinquish the gatekeeping function. That’s the big fly in this ointment, as I see it. Yes, it would be more enlightened and beneficial for them in the long run to loosen these reins, but how do you make a convincing case, and how do you implement it?

Kathleen, you’ll be hearing from me again, and I look forward to more of your cogent observations--and, hopefully, some practical proposals.


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