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Friday, March 07, 2003

The Advice Lady Par Excellence

I’m one of those introspective bloggers who goes through regular bouts of discouragement about the value of my blogging, and then starts looking for reasons why I should even bother to continue. Well, here’s one I can add to my arsenal: serendipitous connections.

Earlier this week, Denise Howell urged theatre-lovers to hightail it up to the North Coast to the picturesque town of Mendocino--wherein her Dad is a member of the cast of a Neil Simon play at the local theatre company. On top of that, Mel (her Dad) is also doing some inn-keeping nearby at a beautiful inn overlooking the Pacific.

Denise is a person whose advice you can trust. I immediately proposed the idea to my theatre-loving wife--who immediately gave her assent. I told Denise and she promptly contacted Mel, who in turn contacted me with a generous room offer at the inn—plus reservations for the play. Mel also indicated that he’s willing to devote a spot of time at the bar sharing libations with one his daughter’s fans—i.e., me.

Well, I’m just pumped! I’m going to order a copy of Mel’s book, bring it along for weekend reading (another of Denise’s suggestions), and have him autograph it. Denise is right. This is a Renaissance guy.

To make matters sweeter, Denise is hinting that she might try to get up there on the same weekend. My fingers are crossed.


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