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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Best Wishes

Happy Birthday to my fellow sexagenarian, fellow Piscean (our birthdays are only one day apart), and “self-proclaimed Resident Crone of Blogdom,” Elaine of Kalilily. She’s blogged a nice, introspective piece about turning 63.

Tomorrow’s the big day for me, but I’m not going to wax philosophical about it—except to note that the 60’s ( the age, not the decade) has been an outstanding period for me—certainly better than my thirties when I had to make so many fateful decisions about which direction my life was going to go.

Now, all that angst is long gone. Life has turned out, my health is good, my house is comfortable, my wife and children are doing well. The only downside is not having all that much time left, but I don’t waste any energy dwelling on that. I live for today, which is perhaps the best thing about being at this stage of life—you have a much greater ability to stay in present time.

So enjoy your day—and your days, Elaine. I know you have your struggles, but your blog—which has become a part of my life—does a great job of conveying your ability to keep on functioning at a high level, in strength and spirit.


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