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Friday, August 12, 2005

Three Cheers To Eric Olsen On His Third

Happy Third Anniversary to Blog Critics!

Eric Olsen has done a fabulous job bringing this effort along. They celebrated the arrival of their ten millionth visitor last week. Ten Million? Boggles the mind.

I used to follow Eric back when he was doing the Tres Producers blog--a very hip, insightful review of popular music and of the emerging blogosphere. When I responded with a personal reminiscence -- inspired by his great post about the anniversary of the killing of the student protestors at the Kent State campus, Eric invited me to be a contributor to a venture he was going to be trying out.

That "venture," of course, turned out to be none other than Blog Critics. Unfortunately, I've been a meager contributor, but the site's wonderful success and Eric's anniversary and upcoming celebration (if you're anywhere around Ohio, it should be a blast) may inspire me to crank out some more contributions in the near future.

Way to go, Eric! You definitely deserve to be the Big Time Presence on the web that you now are.


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