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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Jonathan's Fruit

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin Men's Crew for its upset victory over heavily favored Harvard in the Eastern Sprints, the major crew competition of the year on the East Coast.

I mention it because my son Jonathan had a small part in it. Jon was an outstanding coxswain in high school crew competition and was recruited by Wisconsin, one of the powerhouses in collegiate crew.

However, Jon, like his Dad, was still growing at 18. By the end of his freshman year, he had become too big to be a viable cox in collegiate competition. The following year, he stayed in Madison, dropped out of school, and spent a year working in order to qualify for Wisconsin residency and thereby enable his parents to afford to keep him at that very fine institution.

Jon was hired that year to be assistant coach of freshman crew. This was also the same year that the current seniors of the 2002 champion boat were freshman. Thus, a proud Dad will quickly volunteer that his son Jon was partly responsible for the initial collegiate training of this stalwart group.

Well done!
Go Badgers!


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