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Sunday, May 26, 2002

Rewarding Day

Dorothea Salo and I have added each other to our blogrolls. She gives me a nice mention in her very fine blog, Caveat Lector. Thanks, Dorothea--I'm flattered. And thanks to Frank Paynter for being the gateway to my discovery of her blog. Frank and Dorothea are both living in Madison and my son, Jonathan, attends college there at the University of Wisconsin. So we have a nice little trio of connectedness. The blogosphere continues to amaze.

Dorothea delivers a penetrating analysis today of the failed promise of ebook publishing. It might work you into a froth, and it should. Highly recommended reading.

My other occasion of recognition today comes from the esteemed AKMA, who, as a reward for my fumbling forays into philosophical matters, has bestowed upon me a coveted professorship of Fractured Philosophy in his prestigious University of Blogaria! Humble thanks, AKMA.

Well, that's it. I'm spending the rest of the day resting on my laurels.


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